Plan of Action: Coor customer safety measures during the Corona outbreak

Our main focus is on our customer and employee health and safety. The following measures are being put in place to minimize the risk of the corona virus spreading.

- Increased cleaning and routined disinfecting of general working surfaces/areas 

- Hand sanitizer is available in the restrooms, at reception, and in our conference rooms.
- Our employees wash their hands often and thoroughly, according to the recommended guidelines.
- We have signs up requesting that our customers do the same, wash hands often and thoroughly.
- Our employees stay home at the first signs of showing a cold.
- We warmly welcome all our guests, however with no handshake
- We have removed all writing material from our conference rooms. Guests will only have access to certain material requested on their behalf. 

Food and beverages
- We serve only fruit that is peelable (for example bananas and citrus fruit). Individually packed fruit portions are also an option.
- We will avoid afternoon tea buffets all together. Afternoon teas (our famous Swedish Coor fika) will be served in the conference rooms accordingly.
- Together with our guests, we will decide the best possible lunch option. 

- We keep ourselves continuously updated with the development of the Corona virus, its rate of spreading and the contagious risk zones.
- Coor adheres to the guidelines given by the Swedish authorities. Coor has a crisis team in place that is continuously coordinating and updating information to our coworkers, customers, and delivery firms.
- If possible we’ll place smaller groups of people in conference rooms, spaced well apart from each other.
- If possible we’ll upgrade our guests to larger conference rooms with the possibility of more spacious seating.

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